Print View

Since our big February ’11 release came out with a slew of new functions, we’ve been busy collecting your feedback, fixing bugs and rolling out more features. Today, we are writing about one of them: print view.

Many of you have been writing in with your requests that we better integrate into your physical world. Now you can produce something from DocMeIn that you can put on your desk, hang on your wall or put in a folder and never see again. This something is not quite a full monthly printable calendar, but it does contain your appointments in a very paper-friendly way. In fact, this paper-friendly way is PDF, which many modern browsers — Mozilla, Chrome and Safari — can open directly and others will open through a PDF plug-in. This is the same technology your banks use to provide copies of your billing statements online.


To access your printable agenda, just switch your calendar to Day mode using the selector on the right next to Week. You will then see a Print button appear to the left. Simply navigate to the day you need and click this button to produce the day’s print-ready agenda view. You can send it to a printer with your browser’s print function (press Ctrl-P if you can’t find it). This works even when you have multiple physicians selected.

Go ahead, print: we know you’ve been waiting for it.


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