Recurring Appointments

Some of you may have noticed a new major feature we’ve been rolling out over the last couple of weeks. It is now possible to enter (and modify) whole series of appointments at a time. If your account doesn’t have this feature yet, it soon will.

To create a standing appointment, just bring up the New Appointment dialog box. You will notice a new recurrence option in the bottom, which brings up another dialog displayed below.


You can choose from daily, weekly and monthly recurrence patterns.

To support more accurate patient communications around recurring appointments, we’ve also added new messaging options. If you open Message Templates under the Settings tab of your dashboard, you will notice two new patient messages: Appointment Series and Series Cancellation. Please customize them as you see fit — these messaging templates will be used to communicate to your patients whenever you schedule or cancel whole series of appointments. Your regular messages, such as reminders, will still be used to communicate about each individual appointment in the appointment series.


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