DocMeIn Now Available in Canada and Australia

Our team at DocMeIn is the envy of United Nations — we are one international bunch! For years now, we’ve been feeling boxed in, having to limit the availability of our revolutionary free appointment scheduling service to healthcare providers based in the United States. But we no longer feel that way: the moment has finally come when we were able to bring DocMeIn, in its full glory (and still free!), to our first non-U.S. users. We’ve been liberated, and no DocMeInian (or ZocDocer, for that matter) has been hurt in the process.

For a couple weeks now, DocMeIn has been available to healthcare providers in Canada and Australia, marking our first expansion outside of our initial U.S. market. Now healthcare providers in Canada and Australia can enjoy the same free best-in-class appointment scheduling that their U.S.-based brethren now accept for granted:

  • beautiful color-coded appointment calendar;
  • highly configurable and extremely flexible online scheduling;
  • automated email appointment reminders (coming soon: voice and SMS reminders!);
  • automated patient recalls;
  • seamless e-calendar integration;
  • patient information management.

You would think we charge an arm and a leg, but all of this goodness is completely free to each practice that signs up. When we say free appointment scheduling (ahem, did we mention it’s free?), we mean:

  • unlimited accounts;
  • unlimited locations;
  • unlimited providers;
  • unlimited appointments;
  • unlimited reminders;
  • unlimited patients;
  • unlimited patient self-service.

Now, even if you practice in Australia or Canada, you can have no limits too!


3 thoughts on “DocMeIn Now Available in Canada and Australia

  1. Is there any issue if we use this service in Singapore ? I know the phone and text reminders won’t work in SG for now, but the scheduling and email reminders should be ok right ?

    Thanks, ian

    1. You are correct, the non-telephony functions will continue to work. Another issue you might experience is the map, which will be trying to locate your address in the country you sign up with, so it isn’t likely to succeed. Date and time formatting and first day of the week will follow the conventions of your account country too. These are not blockers, but possible inconveniences.

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