Multi-User Accounts

Solo providers remain our most numerous users, but a sizable and rapidly growing contingent belongs to group practices. To make their lives simpler — and we are all about simplifying your lives! — we have added a new feature: multi-user accounts. You can now assign separate usernames to each of your actual users and they can manage their passwords on their own.

To enable you to better control their access to your account, we introduced 3 separate roles that users can be assigned to:

  • Administrator. Superusers empowered to do everything, including add and remove users from your account. Incidentally, this is the role assigned to the user who created the account.
  • Provider. A user associated with a particular provider in your DocMeIn account. This user is limited in access to just that provider’s calendar and can only manage information of that one provider. Email messages pertinent to the corresponding provider will be sent to this user’s email address.
  • Office Manager. Multi-calendar user who can access all providers’ data, but cannot manage other users.

The login you used up until this point is your account Administrator. To add more users, log in with your admin account and switch to the Settings tab. Under Users, you will now see that option. It is also where you will see the users you have added and where you can remove their accounts at any time.

If you are new to DocMeIn, right about now you may be tempted to ask about pricing and login caps. The answer is the same as it has always been (with few exceptions): there is no cost and there are no limits.

All we ask for is love: channel your emotions here as you see fit.


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